What is cad cam software? AEC, GIS, And CAM

What is cad cam software?
Computer added design
Integration of computer and graphics.
Used by mechanical designers and draftsman's
Used by architectures for building designs
CAM is combination of hardware and soft ware used for planning , designing and modeling.

In cam manufacturing is done with the help of computer.

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Three applications
MCAD (mechanical cad)
For parts of machines (dia)
AEC (architechter engineering and construction)
Buildings and systems
GIS (geographical information system)

To generate maps




(Computer added manufacturing)
An automation in which computers directly communicates with machines to give them working instruction.
Computer controls factory machines.
CNC (computer numeric control)
An operator program having code for specific task control machines.
Used to do such works that cant be performed by human.
CNC machine is connected to a CAD work station.

OPERATOR just sit on a monitor and watch the work being done .

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