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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

CD-RW, CPU, Smart Card And Floppy Disc

Rewriteable CD disc.
We need combo drive to write a CD disc.
A special laser is used to erase data by heating up CD portion.
It may store upto 5 GB data.

Smart card:
Image result for Smart card
A special storage device.
Have a small processor and memory to store data.

Card is inserted in a special card reader to work on it.

Floppy Disc.

Image result for Floppy Disc.
Not in much use now a days.
Usually comes in 3.5” and can store 1.44MB of data.

Very sensitive to virus.

Stands for central processing unit.
It is brain of computer.
It do all the processing for computer.
It is a small square chip containing millions of transistors on it.
To keep it cool there is a sink and a fan placed on it.

Image result for CPU

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