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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Peak Data Rate, Bursty Data And Networking Topology

Peak Data Rate

Throughput: is average rate of success of message delivery over communication channel.
Message have to pass many nodes to reach to destination. Some time its single attempt successful. sometimes many.
When throughput is maximum data rate is called peak data rate.
Peak data rate occur just for moment and not always remains same.

Bursty Data

High bandwidth transition over a short period of time
Popular in military radio signaling to minimize the chance of being detected by other.
Channel is almost full during bursty data.

Networking Topology

Arrangement of different elements of a network, e.g. links nodes cables.
Network structure can be depicted physically or logically.
Physical topology is placement of components of network
Logical topology is how data flow in network
Both can be same or different.
logical topology is how devices appear connected to the user

Example 1: 
In a network physically shaped as a linear bus, the data travels along the length of the cable. Therefore, the network has both a physical bus topology and a logical bus topology.

Example 2: 
A physical topology in the shape of a star, in which cable segments connect all computers to a central hub, can have a logical ring topology if signal actually travels around in a circle from one port to the next.

it is not always possible to predict how data travels in a network simply by observing its physical layout.

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