Subnet Mask, Sub-networks And Private Addresses

Subnet Mask

Determines which part of an IP address is the network field and which part is the host field
Follow these steps to determine the subnet mask:
1. Express the subnetwork IP address in binary form.
2. Replace the network and subnet portion of the address with all 1s.
3. Replace the host portion of the address with all 0s.

4. Convert the binary expression back to dotted-decimal notation.

Subnet Mask

Subnet mask in decimal =


To create a subnet address, a network administrator borrows bits from the original host portion and designates them as the subnet field.


Private Addresses

Reserved Address Space

Network ID
Broadcast address

Hosts for classes of IP addresses

Basics of Sub-netting
Classical IP addressing
Subnet mask
Boolean operations: AND, OR, and NOT
Performing the AND function

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