System support software And Application software

System support software

These programs help in smooth running of system management programs. Like security programs , antivirus, Microsoft security essential etc.

System development programs

These are programs that help user to develop other programs which can be used to write software's. For examples language translator, debugger, code generator etc.

Application software:
Help and support users.
Used to perform user tasks.
E.g. MS work, power point, multimedia software, Computer games etc.
They solve problems of user and not that of computer.

System software:

Helps other software to run properly
Helps in better management of hardware.
Also provides support for network hardware.
The person who write programs of system software is called system programmer.
The process of making system software is called system programming.

Examples of system software
Compiler development
Writing high level languages for computer

Types of system software:
System management programs
System support programs
System development programs

System management programs
Manage hardware, software, network and data.
E.g. database system that stores records of data.
Operating system like windows xp and windows 7 etc.
Network management programs that help router.

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