Mainframe computers, Mini computers, Micro computers And Today computers...

Mainframe computers

Used in big industries.
Have a lot of memory and storage space.
Can facilitate more than 150 users.
Have price in tens of million dollars.

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Mini computers

Not actually mini.
But smaller than mainframes in size, speed , storage and price.
They can also serve many uses at a time.
Used in small business organizations and institutes.
Can facilitate 30 – 40 users at a time

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Micro computers

Also called personal computers.

Most popular.
Examples are laptops , desktop computers, mobile phones. I Pads etc.

Today computers:-

Generations of Computer:

1st Generation(1945-1950)
Made up of vacuum tube.
Very slow expensive and 

2nd Generation: 

Made up of Transistors instead of vacuum tube.
Small and less expensive as compared to 1st generation.
E.g. EDVAC and IBM 1401

3rd Generation:

Made up of ICs. (integrated circuit)
IC is a small chip having hundred of transistors on it.
High in speed.
Low in price.

4th Generation Computers: (1970-1980)
Large scale integration.
Thousands of transistors on single chip.
Also called micro processor
Example is

Fifth Generation Computers: (1980  on wards)

Computers that can think and work like human.
Computers having intelligence called AI.
E.g. robots used in large industries.

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