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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

What is a BIT...?

What is a BIT:

As we know a bit is the smallest unit of data in a computer system

A bit can either be a 12 or a 02

This means that with one single bit we can only represent only 2 different values

12 = 110 and 02 = 010

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Representing Text, Pictures etc…
 Text, pictures and videos are also stored in a computer system using a sequence of binary digits

Using one single bit is not enough due to its small size

If we want to store a large quantity of data many more bits are required.

Combining a number of Bits:
 Each time a bit is combined with another bit, more different combinations can be stored.

If we will be using two bits to store data, there are a total of 22= 4 different combinations

Hence if we have 4 bits we would have 24= 16 different combinations

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With the following number of bits how many combinations could be created?
1.5 bits
2.3 bits
3.6 bits
4.8 bits 

 1.5 bits = 25 à 32 combinations

2.3 bits = 23 à 8 combinations

3.6 bits = 26 à 64 combinations

4.8 bits = 28 à 256 combinations

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