What is a computer And Types of computers..?

What is a computer:-

Latin word “comutare” means calculation.
Electronic device
Can process data

A system of interrelated components that perform the basic function of

History of computers:-

Abacus in 1500 by Chinese

Difference Engine by Charles Babbage in 1812
can calculate power of numbers

Electronic numeric integrator and computer (ENIAC) by Mauchly and Eckert(1946)

EDVAC (1950) by Von Numan

First non scientific computer.
Could be used for business.
Could store data.
But could not solve all the problems of that time.

Types of computers

Perform work on fix numbers. very accurate and high in speed
They process information that is continues.
Used to measure natural quantities like temperature, pressure, speed etc.
Have good qualities of both digital (accuracy) and analog (speed) used in radars, petrol pumps, and medical equipments.

Classification of computers

Mainframe computers
Mini computers
Micro computers
Super computers

Super computer
Also called number crunchers
V.v. high in speed and accuracy
Not for public use
Used in scientific research and very special places like atomic reactors and NASA

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