What Is Information Technology, Psychology And Artificial intelligence...?

What Is Information Technology?

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vMerging/mixing of computer and communication is called information technology (IT).


Creating , gathering, protecting, storing and presenting information using hardware , software and telecommunication.
it links computers with high speed communication
Communication may be in the form of any data type.

Web pages
Telephonic communication
Video conferencing

Text conversation

Psychology And Artificial intelligence

The functionalist approach of AI views the mind as a representational system and psychology as the study of the various computational processes whereby mental representations are constructed, organized, and interpreted.

(Margaret Boden's essays written between 1982 and 1988)

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Artificial intelligence & Our society
Why we need AI??
vTo supplement natural intelligence for e.g we are building intelligence in an object so that it can do what we want it to do, as for example-- robots, thus reducing human  labour and reducing human mistakes

For Humans Intelligence is no more than TAKING a right decision at right time
For Machines Artificial Intelligence is no more than CHOOSING a right decision at right time
I think Artificial intelligence is the Second intelligence ever to exist

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