What is Natural Networking?? How computer virus spread And Virus

What is Natural Networking??

Artificial neural networks are composed of interconnecting artificial neurons (programming constructs that mimic the properties of biological neurons).

Structure of a Biological Neuron

An Artificial Neuron

So how ANN works
Take many pieces of information as input
Give each piece a weight between (0-1)
Add them and compare it to desired output.
Change weights according to result.
They can be trained on micro computer

But a high speed computer is recommended as on slow computer it can take even months to train something.

Biological virus:
It is tiny organism that attack biological cells and effect them by reproducing its replicas.

Computer virus is a small program that attach itself to a computer program or software, copies itself automatically to other locations and use computer resources illegally.

How computer virus spread
Virus can spread by
Clicking or opening it.
By swapping disc or usb with an infected computer.
Opening a suspicious web page.
Downloading and installing some software from non recognized publisher

Are programs used to remove virus.
Every virus has a signature consist of hexadecimal code.

Antivirus removes virus by detecting this code that is uniquely identified.

Computer crime

Any crime done with the help of computer technology comes in the category.
E.g. theft, sabotage, fraud, attacking computer system, murder, kidnap.
The person who breaks into a computer system is called a computer hacker.

Virus Hoax
False reports usually generated by Emails telling not to open some email having a specific title.
Tell usually impossible things.
Like your computer can go into a state of infinite binary loop. Which can burn your CPU.

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