What Is Software...?

What is software:

Programs that run on computer are called software.
A software consist of set of instruction that are executed step by step.
It is different from hardware in that it cant be touched or seen.
Hardware cannot work without a software.
Software give method for communication between user and computer.


All the processes of computer i.e. input , output, processing, control and storage depends on the software.

Types of Software:
There are two types of software
1.System software
2.Application software .

System software:
Control operations of computer system
coordinates the activities and functions of hardware and programs.
Control usage and allocation of hardware components.
E.g. how data will be saved on hard disk, what will be priority of different programs running on computer.

It consist of three parts
1.Control unit
2.Arithimatic Logic Unit (ALU)


Control unit:
It do all type of control functions for example coordination of all other parts, usage of RAM, controling ports input etc. 

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It is consist of two parts
1.Arithmetic unit
2.Logic unit
 arithmetic unit do  all the mathimatical operations like addition and subtraction

Logical unit do operation like AND OR NOT etc that involves some type of logic.
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Cache is personal storage of CPU.
When CPU is working on some data, it temporarily stores its result in the cache before it go to the output.

Cache is fastest memory in computer but its size is very small, usually 3kb to 2 MB.

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