What is Unicode? And ASCII Coding System

What is Unicode?

Western is used by the Americas and Western Europe

Before Unicode?
Download fonts as graphics

What unicode can save:
Character set uper lower digits symbols

Properties of characters.
Font of characters.
Bidirectional display facility for asian and western languages
Recent version of unicode is unicode 6.0.

Before unicode
Hundered of different coding systems.

Conflict of coding systems.
Unicode provide unique code for each character.
All big industries like apple, IBM,  HP MICROSOFT ORACLE, SAP , SUN SYBASE have adopt it.
All modren standerds adopt it. Like XML, java, wml, CORBA etc.

Supported in many operating systems.

Most significant global software trends.
Also applicable in client server environment.
Websites and languages are now platform independent due to it.
Data can be transferred in different platforms without corruption due to it.

ASCII Coding System

The scientists had to come up with a way for binary to be able to represent characters
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) was developed

With ASCII every single character is assigned a binary code

ASCII  also allows computers to communicate with each other (files containing text can be copied from one computer to another)
Image result for ASCII Coding System

How ASCII Coding Works
 The first ASCII system used a series of 7 Bits

This meant that 27=128 different characters could be used

These 128 characters are represented in the following table

Now a Day’s

After some time it was noted that ASCII consisted only of the English alphabet, so an extra bit was added to accommodate more languages, graphics and mathematical symbols.

By adding an extra bit 128 more characters can be stored since 28=256.

Try it!
You can check the symbols on your computer by typing in its decimal code
1. Open Notepad (Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad)
2.Make sure that NUM LOCK is switched on
3.Press and hold ALT
4.From the Numpad enter the 3 digits that you want (example 234 for Ω)
5. Release the ALT, and the symbol should appear.

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