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Thursday, 13 February 2020

What is Unicode?

What is Unicode?

Western is used by the Americas and Western Europe

Before Unicode?
Download fonts as graphics

What unicode can save:
Character set uper lower digits symbols

Properties of characters.
Font of characters.
Bidirectional display facility for asian and western languages
Recent version of unicode is unicode 6.0.

Before unicode
Hundered of different coding systems.

Conflict of coding systems.
Unicode provide unique code for each character.
All big industries like apple, IBM,  HP MICROSOFT ORACLE, SAP , SUN SYBASE have adopt it.
All modren standerds adopt it. Like XML, java, wml, CORBA etc.

Supported in many operating systems.

Most significant global software trends.
Also applicable in client server environment.
Websites and languages are now platform independent due to it.
Data can be transferred in different platforms without corruption due to it.

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