Shielded twisted pair cable Advantages And Disadvantages

Shielded twisted pair cable:

Has a shield to protect from EMI
Good for higher data rates.


Type 1: two pair 22-AWG( American wire gauge) = 4.1 mm
Type 2: four pairs of type 1
Type 6: two pairs of 26 AWG STP
Type 7: one pair of 26 AWG STP
Type 9:  one 26 AWG STP.

Advantages of Twisted pair:

Low cost
Easy to install
High speed
Effective to EMI

Disadvantages of Twisted pair:

High attenuation
Short distance less than 100m

Twisted pair cable:


Two strands of copper wire twisted around each other
Also covered by plastic insulation
Easy to install and inexpensive
Noisy and interrupted by magnetic field

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

Voice grade and data grade
Very low cost
Two pairs (RJ-11 ) or four pairs (RJ-45)

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