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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Types of Hub

Types of Hub:

Passive (do not amplify), concentration
Active (amplify), multi-port repeater
Have many built in features and protocols like SNMP support, virtual LAN support


Connect same type of networks
Increase length(as repeater)
Add new node (join multiple LANS)
Used to make connections at data link layer of OSI
Control data flow
No configuration needs(plug and play)
Repeater sends to all
Bridge sends message to selective segment only
Read address of source and destination
So know physical location of source & destination



Connects computers on a LAN
Work on data link layer
Identical to hub in shape but complex in function
Slightly more intelligent than hub
Selective transmission.
Conserve bandwidth.
Support 10/100 mbps
Fast Ethernet switch provide 10/100/1000 standard.

Available in different no of ports
To add larger no. of devices make daisy chain.

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