Principles of Microeconomics

Principles of Microeconomics 

Tenth #10 principle of economics
Society faces a short-run tradeoff between inflanation and unemployment  

Definition: the Philips curve illustrates between inflanation and unemployment its inversely relation between inflanation and unemployment when unemployment are decreases then inflanation are increasing  

In 1958 a economist William James he was gave Philips curve in this curve he shows the unemployment and inflanation   

In a country when people were rich. Then they demand the things much and more. Then supply is les in this condition government are raise prices of goods and taxes are high. And in this condition inflanation are high and peoples are stable for some time. In next situation unemployment is increase because of inflanation. Then government decides to decrease inflanation to give relief for public. It was inflanation and unemployment.     

Example:  in this figure we can see the two lines vertical and next one is horizontal vertical line shows the inflanation rate and horizontal shows unemployment rate.
In condition A the inflation rate is 2 percent and unemployment rate is 6%. 
In condition B the inflation rate is 5 percent and unemployment rate is 3%. 

So it’s inversely relationship between inflanation and unemployment rate.

·       Phillips curve 

Microeconomics And Phillips curve


    Financial aspects impacts our regular daily existences whether we understand it or not. Indeed, even our work relaxation tradeoff, our choice to work or unwind, is guided by financial standards 

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