Put your files into folders, Folder name And Folder And SubFolders:

    Put your files into folders

A folder is a location on the hard disk of your computer where you can save and organize your files and programs.
To create a new folder;
  Ø  Right- clicks an empty area where you want to create a new folder 1.
  Ø  Click New 2 and click folder 3.
  Ø  Type a name for the new folder 4 and press Enter 5.

   Folder name

The name of each folder should describe the contents of its files.
  Ø  To rename a folder;
  Ø  Right-click the folder 1.
  Ø  Click Rename 2.
  Ø  Type a new name 3 and press Enter.

Folder And Sub-folders:

Sometimes, you may have a lot of file in one folder. To organize your files, so that you can easily find them, you can create subfolders.
A Subfolder is folder inside a folder. For example, in the folder “My Coures”, You have created five new subfolder “Geography”, “Maths”, Reading”, “Science” and “writing”.

When you open a subfolder and you want to go back to the folder that contains It, use the Back Button, which is on the upper left corner of the Window.

How to Create a New Folder 

You can store documents on your computer inside folders. To create a new folder, start by going to the folder or library that you want your new folder to be part of.

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