Time for formatting

Time for formatting;

Text editor like Microsoft word let you modify your text to make it more interesting and understandable.
To use Bold, italic, and underline;
  Ø  Select the text you wish to modify 1.
  Ø  On the Home tab, in the Font group, click Bold 2,

Bold 2,
Italic 3 or
Underline 4.
You can highlight some points in your text to make them stand out.
To highlight text;
  Ø  On the Home tab, in Font group, click to the Text Highlight   Color button 1.
  Ø  In the list, click a highlight color 2.
  Ø  Select the text you wish to modify and highlighted 3.

Find text

If your document is very large and you want to find a word or text quickly, you can use Find.

As we have learned above excel time format code is hh:mm:ss. Let me explain this code in detail now.
  • hh: This time code represents the hour part of the time in double-digit value. For example in the above example, our time value showed as 06, if you mention single “h” then the hour part will be only 6, not 06.
  • mm: This code represents minute part of the time in double-digit value.
  • ss: This will represent the second part of the time.

DateTime date1 = new DateTime(2008,4, 10);
Console.WriteLine(date1.ToString("d", DateTimeFormatInfo.InvariantInfo));

§  Move or copy a folder:

You can move a folder wherever you like in your computer and even to a connected device.
To move a folder [or file];
  Ø  Right-click the folder 1 and click Cut 2.
  Ø Right –click the desired location you want to move it to 3 and click Paste 4.
  Ø  The folder will move to the new location 5

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