Some time ago a disease was reported in china then it was rampantly spread in the whole world but nowadays it killed millions of the peoples but many inane people say it’s not a disease it’s created of US this virus that effect on directly lungs and after the 14 days most people would die. But we cannot concern those dupe people.   


2.   Ertugral ghazi

A Turkish serial ertugral ghazi is trending in whole world it releases. Mostly now in Pakistan, it’s such an amazing and faithful for unmet-e-muslima because it’s historical drama about Ottoman Empire. In Pakistan every one watched it, when its 1st episode sew by PTV and YouTube channels it has been high rating and millions of subscribers. That was shown in Pakistan on 1st date of ramdan its main purpose of this drama to recover the khilaft-e-usmania.

Ertugral ghazi
Ertugral ghazi


When two people work together and to help each other and mange the things it’s called management. It’s a huge subject to study. In company or in any organization employers and mangers are doing work for achieving same goal in this situation must to need sought their problems and motivate them and to give guideline about goals, it’s called management.       

Inflanation and Unemployment

We are studying in microeconomics the tenth principle of economics “trade of between inflanation and unemployment” these both are highly effect on economy. When peoples would become a rich and they demand the extra things so at market the things would not available in excess amount and market would not provide them and scarcity would high here are inverse relationship between inflanation and unemployment then government would increase the rate of items or things and after people must not buy extra thing because inflantion is increase and unemployment would decrease and they cannot afford thing it called inflanation and unemployment.  

Inflanation and Unemployment

Inflanation and Unemployment





When a culprit or thief were escaped red-handed by the police and police is admonish him and beat very badly at the and he accept his duress crime then he was guilty.  






Re open educational institutes

Since 7septamber in whole Pakistan a news are in trending. Which make decions about reopening the educational institutes by government officials? Its concur and rampantly sensitive decions, because students are future of country. The increases cases of corona virus the media has been kept the big rule and enhance the depression of parents but somehow now they are willing for this decisions. But In Baluchistan the academic year are change as compare to other provinces because it will start in the month of February and now after the one or two months they would conduct the annual exam in same situation they must to trying in furtively increase the cases of corona and till the November 2020 to close institutes and after this one they may promote the students in next year.  Its policy may apply for primary schools because their online classes cannot ruined.                          




Conflict is competion between two persons or two groups on different platforms like industry education and other working area when your thinking perspective is not match to other then who oppose you and you may be also  oppose his it would  become a conflict there are two types of conflict first one is positive conflict other one is negative conflict it would become a beneficent for organization in positive way but some time become a harmful in negative way and positive way always coming reforms in organization “it’s a good thing.               


Kashmir dispute

Since the division of sub continent Asia the issue of Kashmir are very huge. In the eyes of world as well as time are passing its issue would increase. its beautiful place or state when the time of distribution its leader was or owner was maharaja harry Singh and there community was mix like Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh some people wants to separate electorate and but some communities to join Kashmir with India and Pakistan at the and it would not make a part of any country. And issue is born that time but till 2020 two are three wars were fought between India and Pakistan and above the one lake Kashmiri were martyred and this time they divided three parts in between this countries Pakistan, India and other one is china and they are under controlled the Indian army and they rampantly and admonish them in daily base   innocent people. its duress and pernicious for them it’s so difficult to tolerate and many Muslim countries are raising their voice in the favor of Kashmir so they was demanding to separate electorate or freedom “may Allah give them free state or homeland inshallah  


NFC stands for national financial commission. In the constitution of Pakistan its gives most importance place like different amendments. Their main purposes generate the revenue. When government implement the taxes and public tolerate and pay them! They are going on different departments towards the (FBR) federal board of revenue. Then that collect those taxes and to transfer fund NFC. After the 18th amendment to give more priority at the end policy of government to base of amendment it distribute their revenue among the provinces by area population wise after every 5 years.     


Unemployment is an economic term employment means occupation. To be engaged to doing some product is to be employed. So employment means absence of unemployed. When the people are out of work they said to be unemployed. It is worldwide problem like USA and other rich and advanced countries. In Asian countries unemployment is at high peak. Unemployment is social evil. And its major cause of wrong system of education, high birth rate, wrong distribution of recourses and lake of industries. And there are high inflanation rate in all situation our political parties are responsible.

 Industrial revolution

Before the nineteen century there was no concept of industries. And people work in their homes and they work and fabricate the superior goods by their own hands. They work heartily. The old and classic people who work slowly and neatly. They hapless could not earn money in plethora amount. But in mid nineteen century there were in us introduce the system of that’s called industrial revolution why accost the system of industries? Because they people would not be working efficintive, and they do not earn money in access amount and their work speed were very low and this pattern which is not applicable in market level so they are dupe person which cannot work  in industries because they should not understand the advanced technology.

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