What Is An Organization...?


What Is An Organization?

          An Organization Defined

Ø  A deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose (that individuals independently could not accomplish alone).

          Common Characteristics of Organizations

Ø  Have a distinct purpose (goal)

Ø  Composed of people

Ø  Have a deliberate structure

Exhibit 1–9         Characteristics of Organizations




Exhibit 1–10       The Changing Organization


Why Study Management?

          The Value of Studying Management

Ø  The universality of management

v  Good management is needed in all organizations.

Ø  The reality of work

v  Employees either manage or are managed.

Ø  Rewards and challenges of being a manager

v  Management offers challenging, exciting and creative opportunities for meaningful and fulfilling work.

v  Successful managers receive significant monetary rewards for their efforts.

Exhibit 1–11       Universal Need for Management



Exhibit 1–12       Rewards and Challenges of Being A Manager

Challenges of Being A Manager



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