Ethical and Social Responsibility of Marketing


Ethical and Social Responsibility of Marketing

Ethical and Social Responsibility of Marketing
Ethical and Social Responsibility of Marketing

·       Ethicical Marketing:

An Ethical marketing refers to the process by which 

companies market their goods and services by focusing not only 

on how their products benefit customers, but also focus how 

they benefit socially responsible or environmental causes. 

Because a company selling a product then they also respect 

about any religion and only give more importance to the 

consumer. Then no such issue he/she belongs to which religion.


·         Social Responsibility in Marketing 

The Social responsibility in marketing involves focusing efforts 

on attracting consumers who want to make a positive difference 

with their purchases. And because human is a social animal who

 wants to achieve their social need as soon as possible. But in 

market he will satisfy from socially need regarding his/her 

prospective. many companies have adopted 

socially responsible elements in their marketing strategies as a 

means to help a community via beneficial services and products.


Ø To be socially responsible is when the organization is concerned about people, society and environment with whom and where it conducts business. In its most basic form, socially responsible marketing is taking moral actions that encourage a positive impact on all the company’s stakeholders, including employees, community, consumers, and shareholders. The main responsibility of marketers in this aspect is to package and communicate the organization’s decisions that will impact the various communities with which they interact. Consumers have the right and power to decide which companies succeed or fail! So marketers have a major responsibility to ensure their practices are seen as humanitarian without beingfalse



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